New approach in Disaster Recovery for the public clouds
Fully automated DR process for any IT system in the cloud. Guaranteed and stressless.
Gartner found that 72% of companies are not ready for DR
Sometimes a DRP just doesn't exist
Creating and updating DRP is a manual job
No resources and time for regular tests
Constant changes to the system make DRP become outdated
A collective 8 hours of downtime per year would cost an organization
How are we different from Management Service Providers?
Automation of manual processes for creating a DR plans
Our DR plans are always up-to-date
No need to wait for a disaster to check DR plans
Open .DRP format compatible with major backup engines
Open Source
OpenDRP format for
industry — .DRP
Like Terraform HCL
format for IaC
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Founder, CEO
Dmitrii Gorbunov
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Los Angeles, CA
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