AI-Powered Automation for DR Processes
Disaster Recovery Automation for Cloud Applications
End-to-End DR solution
Building a manual DR process is time-consuming. Full implementation is consistently delayed due to other business priorities
No DR plans in place
DR plans aimed to check boxes
Elaborate DR plans, but infrequently updated
Every BCDR test is a time-consuming and stressful activity for dev and support teams
Company management has no transparent metrics on DR
To be prepared
for Disaster Recovery
a company must
Create DR plans
Perform regular tests
Update DR plans
DR Orchestration
Automated cloud discovery
AI-Powered BCDR plan creation
Continuous recovery testing and plan updates
focus attention on
  • Now AWS only
  • Future K8S, Azure, GCP
Cloud Application
  • Application view point
  • Interactive map of cloud resources
Authoring Tool
  • Digital DRP
  • AI-assistant
  • Online DRP Assessment
  • Versioning & Publishing
  • DRP is always up to date
  • Tracking every event immediately
Test and exercise
  • Flexible schedule
  • Interactive logs and reports
  • Cost efficient
  • Fast
  • Secure
  • Precise
  • AI-powered detection algorithm
  • Predictable time
  • Fast track to “business as usual”
  • Flexible failback scenarios
  • RPO stays the same
Our innovation is
Digital DR Plan
Executable script
Always up-to-date
Testing by schedule
Recovery on the application level
Predictable recovery time
Human involved
Fully automated
As is
The next advancement in DR will be higher levels of automation throughout the entire DR lifecycle and this is where Bennudata’s AI-powered DR solution will be the gold standard for automating the DR experience from discovery and DR plan creation through scheduling, testing, and reporting.
President at High Sierra Performance,Over 18 years of experience in enterprise DRaaS sales Acronis, GM of DRaaS, VP Sales (2014-20)
Bennudata's AI powered automation of DR full life cycle activities is a game changer for an organization where at least on an average 2-3 resources spend ~25-30% of their time in DR activities to make sure proper backup, scripts created, tested and re-adjust the plans & scripts with lots of manual activities. Instead organizations can rely on Bennudata's AI powered DR platform to create the plans, test and adjust and react quickly in the event of failover / disaster in minutes and saves a lot of time and cost.
Solution Arсhitect at Warnes Bros., MGM and Capgemini
Applications that use cloud IaaS and PaaS typically use a complex web of multiple service elements, each of which has its own configurations. Due to the dynamic nature of the cloud and their failures, most customers are unlikely to declare a regional failover without having invested in continuous dependency mapping/graphing, configuration management and automation. CIRAS solutions help organizations address these needs by capturing and orchestratiing recovery as part of the protection strategy.
July 2023
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